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How to link data hosted elsewhere

Data can be loaded from a public github repository (or any CORS enabled link). Once the data is properly structured and configured to allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, simply add the file path to the “load data” textbox and click “Load”.

Public Data.png

A sample data file can be found here in order to test the process.

To configure a github repo to host this data:

Create the new repository NewRepo.png NewRepo2.png

Add the file you want to share Upload.png Upload2.png

Go to settings and set the GitHub page to “Track Master” Settings.png TrackMaster.png

After the repository is published, you can directly access the uploaded data file. (Note that the file path is case-sensitive) PalladioLoad.png

Note that changes to dropbox folder sharing mean that it is not possible to load data from a public dropbox folder.