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The Palladio 1.1 Release

Release notes 2015-10-21

Check out version 1.1


  1. General: We added a progress indicator to let you know when rendering is happening. Look for a swoosh around the Palladio “P” in the upper left corner.
  2. Data Refine: Allow “ignore” option for special characters in the edit dimension view.
  3. Data Refine: Red dot goes to gray for a reviewed/edited/verified dimension.
  4. Map view: Allow the use of WMS URLS. YAY!!!
  5. Map view: improvements to map data rendering time.
  6. Map view: We have removed the ‘mouseclick to filter’ on the map points. We will be replacing this with a mouseclick for popover that will give more detailed information about a point on the map than we see in the tooltip.
  7. Timespan: Add the group name to the tooltip.
  8. Timespan: Highlight timespans on mouseover to clarify for which timespan the tooltip is displayed.
  9. Timespan: Enable grouping of timespans by another dimension (hovering will highlight all spans related to a record if a span appears in more than one group due to a multi-value field).
  10. Facet Filter: show ([number selected out of] / [total number]) for each dimension. We need to let people know at a glance how many of a thing they are seeing in a view. We can do this easily with FF instead of mucking up the interface with more information.
  11. Facet Filter: Performance improvement in facet filter by using filterExact when possible.
  12. Saving a project: Add date to metadata per project (more coming)
  13. Saving a project: save files can reference external data (performance improvement). Including toggle option so that user can control if data is saved along with Palladio save file or is referenced in a remote location. Only available if file is loaded from URL, not if data is dragged or pasted into Palladio directly. Try putting the URL of a Dropbox file in your Public folder where you normally paste your data.
  14. Saving a project: Now you can save a project from Safari browser! The save file name will be “Unknown.” You’ll need to rename it. At least the download works.

Bug Fixes

  1. Timespan: The bar layout was displaying duplicate values.
  2. Facet filter: fixed a bug where the clear/remove controls stopped appearing.
  3. Map view: Fixed a bug that caused the legend graphics to appear squished.
  4. Data Refine: We no longer flag the data format “Coordinates” for review because of commas and dashes.
  5. Map View: At the request of our friends at Mapbox, we added Mapbox branding when using Mapbox tiles.
  6. Saving a project: Fixed a bug where saving a project would kill links/extensions.
  7. General: Fixed a bug where font-awesome drag icon was not appearing.
  8. Facet Filter: Fixed a bug where adding a dimension triggered multiple updates, causing slowness.
  9. Data Refine: For a while, if you needed to remove a table that was extended from the primary table in order to fix it and re-load it, the re-load would fail. That has been fixed.
  10. Timespan Filter: Fixed a problem where filter settings were not saved with the Palladio save file (download).
  11. Facet Filter: Fixed a display problem that caused dimensions to stack.
  12. Timespan Filter: Fixed a problem where, if a filter is already in place when the timespan is added, then the filter is removed, the lines will overflow the view area.

Reporting issues

If you find issues or are having trouble getting your data to work in Palladio, please get in touch. This is an ongoing research project and we can use all the feedback we can get.

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