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The Palladio 1.0 Release

Release notes 2015-06-12

We made it to 1.0 with a redesigned responsive interface and improvements all around.

We are very pleased to announce the release of Palladio 1.0. The most noticeable change is the interface redesign. Palladio’s user interface is now responsive and iPad compatible.

The map view has been re-vamped to support 3 layer types:

  • Tiles
  • Data
  • geoJSON

There are a number of other more subtle changes that will become apparent when you begin viewing your data in Palladio.
As always, if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please pass them on. The research-driven design of this set of tools is its reason for being. We want to influence the design of data tools based on the needs of humanistic inquiry and we need your help to do that.


Our 1.0 release of Palladio bears the distinctive imprint of our lead designer, Giorgio Caviglia. Giorgio is leaving us to take a position at Trifacta, but his influence is fundamental and will remain integral to the experience of Palladio.

Reporting issues

If you find issues or are having trouble getting your data to work in Palladio, please get in touch. This is an ongoing research project and we can use all the feedback we can get.

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