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Palladio Release Notes: 0.9.0

Release notes 2015-01-27

Bug Fixes

  • Major performance fix to data load/processing.
  • Filters applied on facet filter dimensions don’t go away when the facet filter is removed (thanks to Christoph Kudella for the bug report).
  • Application was non-functional after refreshing while in the visualization view. Now fixed.
  • Changing table and dimension names in the data view did not update in the visualization view (thank you, again, Christoph!). Fixed.


  • New Filter View Modes. We are refining and re-working the filter components (timeline and facet-filter) so that each has three view modes: small, medium, large. The ‘large’ view is comparable to one of the primary data views (map, graph, table, gallery) in that it functions as a display that can be filtered by time or facet.
  • Timeline Filter. The double-decker timeline is gone. The timeline filter is streamlined and elegant.
  • Timespan Filter. Now displays records that only have a start date or an end date as points.
  • Map Layers. Drag to order layers.
  • Map Layers. Sort order is reversed so that top layer is at the top of the list.
  • Facet filter. Indicates number of values in each facet.
  • Facet filter. Small bottom margin.

New Features

  • Expanded Timespan View.
  • Timespan tooltips.
  • Y-Axis Grouping.
  • Duration view.
  • Allow downloading of tables in the data view.
  • Multi-file support. One Palladio instance can host and load multiple save files based on the URL

Reporting issues

If you find issues or are having trouble getting your data to work in Palladio, please get in touch. This is an ongoing research project and we can use all the feedback we can get.

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