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Palladio Release: Load and Save

Release notes 2014-04-16

New Features

Data Portability

Upload your data. Refine it. Save it. Share it. Use the latest version of Palladio to create an instance of your data that you can save to your desktop for simple future upload. You can also share this data with other users.

Export Graph Views

Export Graph Views as .svg files. Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) files can be manipulated with drawing software, such as Illustrator, to be included in publications and presentations as high resolution images.

Major Interface Redesign

New and simplified menu bar.

A highlighting function in the Timeline that allows for tracking particular dimensions of your data across time.

Clearer labeling in the Graph view.

Tool Tip function that allows you to select what dimension data will be displayed when you hover over different points in your visualizations.

Dimension Point Scaling. As you drag across the Timeline, your dimension points will resize (growing larger or smaller) to reflect their changing frequency in your data set across time.

‘Count By’ feature. In the Map and Graph views you can choose to quantify your data according to the different dimensions in your table, allowing for different data visualizations. The Count By feature can work at several levels concurrently; for instance, you could count by ‘Letters’ within your Map view and then filter the information further by counting by ‘People’ in the Timeline filter.

Expanded ‘Group by’ options. In the Timeline filter, you can now Group your data by any dimension of your choice.

Search Function. Type any term in the search bar to locate it within the data you are currently viewing.

Select/Deselect All in Facet Filter. Researchers can select or deselect all information in a single click, when using the Facet Filter tool. This allows for reverse filtering options: select all of your dimension with one click and then remove the dimensions you wish to filter out by deselecting these individual dimensions.

Bug Fixes

Tabular view (Display Issues)

Search integration

Special character recognition

Facet filter scalability

Map View mishandling coordinates

Highlighting function issues

Reporting issues

If you find issues or are having trouble getting your data to work in Palladio, please get in touch. This is an ongoing research project and we can use all the feedback we can get.

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